Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

British Airways Friends Of Sreepur

Ba Staff Built Sreepur – You Can Help Make It Secure

Watch Here The Story Of How Pat Kerr And With The Help Of Ba Staff Have Helped Thousands Of Mothers And Their Children Escape A Life Of Poverty

30 years ago Pat Kerr gave up her cabin crew career to run The Sreepur Village in rural Bangladesh. BA staff had raised the money to build this home for abandoned and destitute mothers and their children. Pat now needs your help to raise the funds to develop a small dedicated team to get Sreepur through the next 30 years.

In the first week of September BA will run a payroll giving promotion and we have linked it direct to Pat in Bangladesh so you can give a small tax-free donation direct from your pay to secure this remarkable project and BA will add a one off payment of £30.00.

In just 6 months you could get £60.00 to Pat and it would only cost you £24.00!!!!

Please email #HelpPat to and we shall send you details and the link to take advantage of this amazing offer. [or call 020286587585 and ask for BA staff offer]

Your tax-free donation and BA bonus will get direct to where it is needed without the admin costs of the big organisations.

Giving a Little Can Go a Long Way

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