Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Kurigram project

For many years, we have run an outreach and support project for single mothers and their children living in remote river basin communities in northern Bangladesh. Our social workers travel to northern Bangladesh to assess the needs of families headed by single mothers. These families are the most vulnerable in their communities. Link to a short video that demonstrates our Outreach Project in action:

Girls’ Night Shelter

We run a Girls’ Night Shelter in Dhaka for around 12 homeless girls per night, with the aim of providing safe accommodation, clean beds and bathrooms. They are provided with nutritious meals every day, we encourage them to study and we also arrange various recreational activities to keep the girls engaged and motivated e.g. picnics, outings, and art activities, which not only provide them with a much-needed break from their daily routine but also help them to build their self-confidence and social skills.

Success Project

(Slum and Urban Community Children Education Schooling Support)
Children living in Bangladesh’s urban slums face barriers to accessing and remaining in school. In order to help augment the family’s income, children in urban slums often drop out of school to work as manual labourers or domestic workers and many parents also marry girls off at a young age. Our SUCCESS project in Dhaka works with 50 children from local slums each year (who have family/extended family in the slum). The children aged 8 and above are enrolled in local primary schools. We monitor their school and education progress closely and liaise with the teachers as well as the families. We meet parents and teachers quarterly at our office and discuss the children’s educational challenges and achievements. We provide the parents of children in the programme with financial support to encourage them to keep their children in school and not out at work. 

Girls’ cricket

One of our best loved programmes at the Sreepur Village is the girls’ cricket team. The importance of cricket in the lives of our disadvantaged girls cannot be overestimated; it’s a tool for empowerment providing girls with a sense of self-worth and confidence; teaching vital life skills as well as being a great source of joy and fun. Our long term vision at the Village is to create a centre of excellence where girls and women can play and develop their talent in a safe and secure environment. We feel sure that one day some of our most talented girls will play for their country.

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