Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Our location

Sreepur Village, Bangladesh is located 50km north of the capital city Dhaka.

We also run a girls overnight shelter in Dhaka as well as outreach projects for families living in flood-prone river basin communities in northern Bangladesh.

A few facts about Bangladesh

Bangladesh is located in South Asia. Originally Eastern Pakistan, it became The People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1971 under military rule and became a democracy in 1990.

Bangladesh is dominated by river deltas that run into the Bay of Bengal and has 700 – 800 rivers that crisscross the rich fertile flat land. However, because most of the country is only 12m above sea level, it is extremely prone to flooding and climate change.

Bangladesh has a population of around 170 million and there is widespread poverty and overcrowding.

The main language is Bengali and the main religions are Islam and Hinduism.

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