Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Vocational Skill

Our livelihood and skill development training activities play a crucial role in reintegrating and mainstreaming mothers and children back into their community. We assess the training needs of mothers through a process called Training Need Assessment(TNA) and then offer them six months of Income Generating Activities(IGA) training based on the assessment to help improve their standard of living and to ensure a sustainable income. We offer extensive training in a range of areas including tailoring, industrial sewing machine operator, grocery shop management, tailoring shop management, agriculture(especially homestead and sack gardening), goat and duck rearing, and day care. Also, we offer leisure training in activities such as embroidery and block-batik, bamboo weaving, candle making, puffed rice making, and many others.

Every mother receives compulsory agriculture training during her three-year stay at SPP and can choose to participate in 2-3 other training courses, which run concurrently. Our experienced instructors not only impact practical hands-on skills to mothers but also provide instruction in academic principles. After the completion of each IGA training session, we conduct an assessment of the progresss of each mother’s IGA training to ensure that they are making substantial progress towards their economic empowerment objectives.

IGA Training

Leisure Training

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