Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

An Afternoon Of Chari-tea

Lynne, one of our long-standing supporters and her cousin Charles were two of the many people who came to our afternoon of Chari-TEA and talks and who also kindly emailed us to congratulate us on a successful and most enjoyable tea. We asked Lynne how she first heard about us. Lynne first read about Sreepur Village in a free newspaper which was delivered to her home. Lynne was intrigued by the short article and decided to find out more about it. She was so impressed by what Pat had done that in 1990 Lynne decided to become a donor. When Lynne started donating in the late 1990’s she was able, at that time, to sponsor a child. Sheli had been abandoned at 3 months old and in 1996 came to live at Sreepur Village when she was 3 and a half years old.

We have since been in touch with Sheli and are delighted to share with you her story HERE. Lynne told us “Pat has worked very hard over the years as have all the team and you have built something very special and unique to be proud of. The village is a very special and unique place which has grown from a small beginning into a spacious community providing safe accommodation, health care, education and training to allow mothers to earn a living and be independent. It has helped many families already and will help many more in the future.” We also asked Charles to share some words on what he thinks about Sreepur Village: “The charity obviously has a huge positive impact on the women and children it supports and probably the wider community.
healthcare, education and training are all key to building a functioning and stable society. It must be so rewarding for you all when you see a child develop into a young, educated woman, who can help provide for their families all because of the hard work and dedication of the Sreepur Village team and their donors.”
Following the afternoon tea, we are delighted to welcome Charles as one of our new donors, a friend to Sreepur and a member of the big Sreepur Family.
Thank you Lynne and Charles and to all our wonderful supporters for being part of our Sreepur Village Family. If you would like to sign up to become a regular donor please email:

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