Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Birthday Celebration Of Underprivileged Children

Birthday Celebration of Underprivileged Children

The celebration is for all children of The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh who usually don’t know their date of birth and never celebrate their birthdays. On the same day each year, we celebrate their birthday with games, singing, dancing, gifts, and of course cake!

Every year, we celebrate the birthdays of all of our destitute children. In their community, there is a lack of food, clothing, health care, and education. It was common for their fathers to beat their mothers without a reason. Birthday celebrations are unknown to these children.

The celebration began at 10 a.m. with the cutting of the birthday cake. Cakes were distributed to vulnerable single mothers, their children, and ex-beneficiaries of livelihood skill development and vocational training. Afterwards, everyone gets a birthday gift. Gifts include dolls, chocolates, drawing books, pencils, clothes, and toys. There were plenty of delicious foods for 1000 people after the gift distribution. A cultural programme with the participation of children and mothers took place in the afternoon.

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