Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Volunteer Roles

The Route to Happiness

My name is Sorna and I come from Dinajpur and I have one brother and one sister. My dream is that one day I will be a doctor but my family is not financially stable. My father and other members of my family do not get on

Every Day We Inspire Inclusion

Shapla, seen in the above photograph, works for Sreepur Village Trade as a Production Assistant in Sewing. She says “I can do everything except walk, Sreepur Village has given me the strength I need to move on. I’m an expert

Bobita’s Story of Resilience and Determination

This is Bobita’s story of resilience and determination emphasising the strength of single mothers in the face of difficult circumstances. In 2020 after her husband left her for another woman, Bobita was welcomed at Sreepur Village, the only residential organisation in

A New Year Brings New Hope!

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