Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Bobita’s Story of Resilience and Determination

This is Bobita’s story of resilience and determination emphasising the strength of single mothers in the face of difficult circumstances.

In 2020 after her husband left her for another woman, Bobita was welcomed at Sreepur Village, the only residential organisation in Bangladesh to offer long-term training and development to mothers while ensuring they remain together with their children

During a period of three years Bobita learned a number of new skills such as sewing. Focusing on sewing while her daughter attended SPP’S school, Bobita was able to leave after a period of three years and return to her local community equipped with a sewing machine and the tools and skills to set up her own clothing business

Bobita’s journey from facing a challenging marriage to becoming a successful entrepreneur and a role model for her daughter is truly inspiring.

Bobita’s story highlights the role that organisations like Sreepur Village can play in uplifting communities and breaking the cycle of hardship.

Sreepur Village stepped in to provide not only a safe home for Bobita but also the practical skills and resources that empowered her to stand on her own two feet. The organisation’s support not only extended to Bobita but also had a positive impact on her daughter, Sabina, ensuring that the cycle of empowerment continues through the next generations

It is stories like Bobita’s that remind us of the importance of resilience and community support, and the positive impact that organisations dedicated to helping families in need can have on individuals and their communities.

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