Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

International Literacy Day 2022

International Literacy Day was celebrated at Shishu Polli Plus on 8th September 2022 to spread awareness about the importance of literacy among our vulnerable single mothers. Women who cannot read or write are less likely to participate in decision-making processes and are often discriminated against. At Shishu Polli Plus all mothers have to participate in the regular Literacy Programme to become more economically self-reliant and actively engaged in their social and cultural life. The mothers are divided into six classes as follows:-

Special-1 (A) (Those who are totally illiterate or are participating for the first time with education).

Special-1 (B) (Who can write and/read words with all letters and count the numbers, read small sentences with two or three words).

Level-1 (Those who can create sentences with words, simple math, (addition, subtraction, multiplication, deviations)

Level-2 (Those who can create sentences with words, can read stories, able to count (1-100) and English number counting (1-50) and also can do simple maths).

Level – 3 (Those who can read stories and are able to write and make sentences and count numbers in Bangla and English).

Level – 4 (Those who can read stories and write, make sentence writing, math, and English number counting (1-100).

Shishu Polli Plus strives to improve literacy to ensure a long-lasting rehabilitation of vulnerable single mothers and their children.

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