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Lia’s Inspiring Journey From Adversity To Triumph

Life can sometimes throw unimaginable challenges at us, but it’s the human spirit’s resilience and determination that can lead to remarkable stories of triumph.

Lia’s life is a testament to this spirit, marked by adversity, courage, and ultimate success. Lia’s story draws parallels to other stories of perseverance, and highlights the crucial role of organisations like Sreepur Village in transforming lives.

Early Struggles
Lia’s childhood began like any other, filled with dreams and innocence. However, poverty soon cast its shadow over her life. Her father, a day labourer, struggled to provide for their large
family of ten siblings, with Lia being the sixth child.

At the age of 13, her life took a significant turn when her elder sister introduced her to a man seeking a new partner after a
divorce. Lia was initially reluctant but felt compelled to marry him due to her family’s dire financial situation.

Marriage and Challenges
Lia entered married life with dreams, like any young girl. Unfortunately, her husband subjected her to cruelty, demanding dowry and citing various reasons for his abuse. Despite the
hardships she endured Lia believed in the sanctity of marriage and the responsibility to sustain her family.

Escalating Torture and Separation
As time passed, her husband’s abuse intensified, even pressuring her to obtain money from her family. However, Lia’s family, also struggling financially, couldn’t meet his demands. This only
increased her suffering. Eventually, her husband sent her back to her father’s house, and days turned into weeks without any contact. Lia, desperate to maintain a connection with her
daughter, decided to divorce her husband, liberating herself from the abuse.

Discovering Sreepur Village: A Ray of Hope
In her darkest moments, Lia learned about Sreepur Village( Shishu Polli Plus) through a relative. The organisation’s facilities and the prospect of a brighter future for her child motivated her to seek assistance.

Empowerment Through Training
Through comprehensive training programs, Lia transformed into a resilient and empowered individual. These programs equipped her with valuable skills and knowledge, enabling her to envisage a brighter future.

Building a Bright Future
Lia’s dreams extend beyond personal growth; she aspires to see her daughter become a nurse, helping others. Her determination underscores the profound impact a mother’s love and
unwavering commitment can have on shaping the destiny of the next generation.

Lia’s story reflects the experiences of countless individuals worldwide who face similar challenges and it is organisations like Sreepur Village that play a vital role in providing essential support and training to individuals like Lia, enabling children and their mothers to rebuild their lives and secure brighter futures together.

Due to widespread poverty, single mothers in Bangladesh often feel like they have no option to place their children in institutional care.

It is with heartfelt thanks to all our supporters that Sreepur Village continues to be the only residential organisation in Bangladesh that offers long-term training and development to mothers while ensuring mothers and their children remain together.

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