Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Sumi’s Journey -a Story Of Success

Sumi is a young woman from the Hindu community in northern Bangladesh. She was a dedicated student in her third year of the BSS program at a nearby college. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she fell in love with a senior student from the Muslim community. Both families were unhappy with their relationship, and Sumi was presented with the choice of converting to Islam and changing her religion in order to marry her love.

One night, Sumi made the brave decision to leave her home and marry her Muslim partner. The following day, she converted to Islam. The initial days of their marriage were filled with happiness, and Sumi was overjoyed. However, problems arose when she became pregnant. The Muslim family did not anticipate the next generation to be born to a Hindu woman, and her husband began to treat her poorly.

Sumi found herself pressured into making the difficult decision of having an abortion. Despite facing bullying from her in-laws, she endured the situation until her husband’s physical abuse became unbearable. With newfound strength as a mother to a beautiful daughter, Sumi made the courageous choice to leave her husband. Initially, she sought refuge with her parents, but staying at their house proved impossible. Instead, she found shelter with her distant sister.

Sumi tried to find employment but encountered challenges in balancing work with caring for her new-born baby. She attempted various Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) businesses but lacked the necessary training and expertise. After years of struggling and feeling hopeless, she found herself in a desperate situation.

That’s when Sreepur Village discovered Sumi and began working with her. Through the charity’s comprehensive training programs, Sumi gained the skills and knowledge necessary to develop a plan for a combined business venture: a beauty parlour, a cosmetics shop and a tailoring shop.

Today, Sumi is successfully running her   combined shop in her district’s city. She   lives happily with her daughter, who is   now attending school.

Sumi’s journey is a testament to her   resilience and determination to create a   better life for herself and her child. Her   success serves as an inspiration to all   those facing adversity, reminding us of   the transformative power of support, training, and the opportunity to rebuild one’s life.

With your donations more mothers like Sumi, can rebuild their lives with transferable skills and look forward with hope for a brighter future.


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