Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Sara – From Struggle To Success

We share with you Sara’s story, a mother who joined Sreepur in 2004 and who, at that time, was struggling to survive.


Fast forward 19 years and Sara and her family have come back to Sreepur to share with us their journey to success.


The sudden death of Sara’s husband in late 2004 left her as the sole provider for her four children. With no one to turn to for help, Sara felt lonely, scared and desperate for her family’s future survival.

With her in-laws facing their own financial struggles, Sara and her children were not able to stay with them and there was no one else for her to turn to for support.

By chance Sara saw a newspaper notice for Sreepur Village (Shishu Polli Plus), a shelter for children and women in need, and in December 2004 Sara and her children arrived at Sreepur Village.

Their first impressions of the village were its security and the warmth and abundance of support provided by Sreepur Village staff.

While her children were able to attend school and focus on their education, Sara enrolled in a training programme that focused on tailoring.

In 2013 after two of her sons passed their primary education,  Sara left Sreepur Village and started to work in Dhaka so that she could provide for her family. However, after a few months, she realised that her children were not attending school.

Sara took the brave decision to leave her job and go back to her community so she could take care of her children and support their education.

With the money she received from Sreepur’s deposit scheme, Sara bought a sewing machine and a cow and started to earn herself a steady livelihood.

With perseverance, hard work and determination, Sara and her family began to take ownership of their own socio-economic developments. One of her sons started his restaurant business, while her other two sons got jobs at a local factory. Sara’s daughter got married to an electrician.

Now, Sara’s three sons, seen above, are married and the entire family, including her three daughter-in-laws, all live happily

Sara is now passing her time as a proud grandmother and is eternally thankful to Sreepur Village for providing her and her children with a safe shelter and unlimited support and opportunities during their time of need



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