Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

Transforming Kulsum’s Life

Kulsum Akhter’s journey is truly inspiring and showcases the transformative power of support and
education in the face of adversity.

Kulsum’s story demonstrates the impact that organisations like
Sreepur Village can have on individuals and families going through tough times.

When life took a difficult turn with her husband falling ill and struggling to support the family, Kulsum faced challenges that seemed insurmountable. Despite seeking help from her family, the situation remained incredibly tough. However, the introduction to Sreepur Village and the assistance provided by the organisation marked a turning point in Kulsum’s life.

Sreepur Village not only offered her shelter but also crucial services such as medical care and education for Kulsum’s children. Going beyond the basics, the residential organisation provided technical education programs, including training in tailoring, bamboo and cane work, and agricultural skills.
This holistic approach to support empowered Kulsum to gain valuable skills during her three-year stay at Sreepur Village.

With determination and the support of Sreepur Village, Kulsum ventured into entrepreneurship by starting her own grocery shop. Sreepur Village played a pivotal role in equipping her with essential skills for economic independence, including education on operating a grocery store. Now, Kulsum and her family are not only self-sufficient but also living a happy life.

Kulsum’s success story is a testament to the positive impact of residential organisations like Sreepur Village, which go above and beyond to help individuals rebuild their lives. Her journey from
struggling to becoming an entrepreneur exemplifies the potential for a brighter future when people receive the right support and opportunities.

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