Sreepur Village, Bangladesh

The Route to Happiness

My name is Sorna and I come from Dinajpur and I have one brother and one sister. My dream is that one day I will be a doctor but my family is not financially stable.

My father and other members of my family do not get on with my mother and for a long time my father has tortured my mother. After enduring never-ending abuse and torture my mother left us.

After my mother left no one in my family allowed me and my siblings to go to our pre-primary school that we used to attend in our village, instead they made us do domestic work and heavy labour. 

One day a staff member from Sreepur Village came to our village to discuss with my mother the benefits of living at Sreepur Village such as education, health, accommodation, training and food security. After hearing the different types of service they were offering, my mother decided to go and live at Sreepur Village. Now I am going to school regularly and my dream of one day becoming a doctor has been reignited. 

It is with the support of organisations like Sreepur Village that children facing adversity, like Sorna, are provided with the path to a secure, healthy and sustainable future.

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